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Hello World!

Wow, my very first blog post! I have literally wondered what I should write about for a few days. Something brilliant, witty, or thoughtful.

Let’s just start with a simple introduction. My name is Antonet Kruse and I do not have it all together. I don’t have a fabulous job or house and sometimes my future seems so unclear. I have been separated from my ex for about a year and I am in the beginning stages of divorce. My marriage was very unstable and unfortunately there was no fixing it. I am now back at home with my parent’s until I get back on my feet and get through this divorce (lawyers are expensive). But I can honestly say that even at this hard moment in my life I am very much happy. After I stopped trying to find happiness in my husband and marriage I found it in God. I’m in a transitional period but I have great friends and family who have stuck by me through it all. 

Before blogs I had a diary that was personal and definitely private. I would write about boys I liked/loved, vented about the rents and siblings of course and about how hard it was to be a teenager. I would never in a million years show anyone those diaries. But that was many years ago. I have come a long way from the girl I was. I have lived and I have learned…I am still learning. Life is challenging and unpredictable.  Many of my dreams have been achieved others never even left my vivid imagination. Yet I hold on to the foundation my parent’s have given me and I thank God everyday that I am here with my two beautiful children. My life is a transition at the moment. But even though my future seems foggy, I never lose my love for life. This blog is to share my story. Not just about my life and divorce but about my love for fashion, beauty, sewing, and DIY projects. I hope you enjoy!

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